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Financial Integrity


Turlock Garden Club is organized exclusively for charitable purposes under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The objectives of this club shall be to stimulate the knowledge and love of gardening, to aid in the protection of native trees, plants, and birds, to encourage civic planting, and to support charitable causes through donations related to the above-mentioned objectives.

Our History


Turlock Garden Club was founded by Mrs. Gerald James on July 29, 1948. Over the years the Club has worked with the city planners in a continuing program to help beautify Turlock.

1949      Oleanders planted at South Highway approach to Turlock.

1950      Flower seeds planted along highway and around Fairgrounds

1951      Six roses planted at the firehouse at Orange and Flower Streets

1952      Two trees were planted at Fairgrounds

1953      Two red climbing roses planted at the firehouse

1955      Trees planted on two new school grounds

1956      Club recommended to city that Crepe Myrtle be city tree. It was accepted.

1957      Crepe Myrtles planted in Central Park

1959      A Crepe Myrtle planted at park at Marshall and Minaret Streets

1960     Two Fruitless Mulberry trees planted at Chathom School

1963     Start of a four year continuing project of planting 120 Carob trees and 330
              Pyrancanthus along Canal Drive

1964    Trees and shrubs purchased for the Fair booth were donated to Emanual Hospital.

1966    $25 was donated to landscaping the new North Park and 8 Crepe Myrtles were
             planted in the parking lot of Lee’s.

1968    Eight Magnolia trees planted in Crane Park and five Redwood trees donated to
             Donnelly Park. Crepe Myrtles and Star Jasmine were planted at the entrance to the
             new Turlock Library. The Junior Garden Club donated 4 Birch trees and 2 Azalias for
             the children’s patio.

1971    $500 donated to purchase and plant flowers, shrubs, trees, ivy and lawn turf at the
            Turlock Senior Citizen’s Center.

1973    $100 donated to plant a rose garden in Donnelly Park

1976    An 8 ft. Blue Spruce tree was planted in the new Sunnyview Park to commerate
            Arbor Day.



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