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General Meeting Speakers:

MARCH 11, 2024
 Speaker:    Cynthia Austin Tanis

                       from Frantz Nursery

         Topic:    Lavendar History, Folklore,

                         Medicinal Uses and Best Practices

                         for Growing & Cultivating

APRIL 8, 2024
   Speaker:    Laureen Campana-Schermeister,   

                       Board Certified, Advanced Practice,   

                       Holistic Nurse, Graduate of the Sierra

                       Institute of Herbal Studies
        Topic:    Historical and Mod
ern Use of

                        Medicinal Plants
                       Wear your Spring Hats–“Kentucky Derby

                       at the Carnegie”

MAY 13, 2024
   Speaker:    David Ye, San Joaquin County Audubon

                       Society Member
        Topic:    The Hum of Humming Birds

JUNE 10, 2024
        Topic:    End of Year Party




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