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Teaching Kids about Plants While


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Turlock Garden Club members enjoyed helping kids at the Farmers Market decorate pots with stickers and choosing a succulent or spider plant to take home.  Large plants were available for adults making a donation to Penny Pines.

Penny Pines is a partnership between the USDA Forest Service and the National Garden Club to help replant and reforest our National Forests.

At the start of the program in 1941, seedlings could be produced for about one cent each. Approximately 680 seedlings were used to plant a typical acre.

Today the cost is much higher, but Penny Pines keeps its tradition by requesting all donations to be made in increments of $68. Money donated to Penny Pines by the TGC helps replant and restore 14 national forests in California.

For more information see:

Watch the 3-minute presentation “Penny Pines and Restoration” on YouTube.
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