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Turlock Garden Club awarded nine $1,000 Scholarships this year. At this time only three have been announced. The remaining six will be announced at their respective awards ceremonies. Congratulations to all 2023 recipients!

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Left to right:  Logan Ladd, Vicente Sanchez, Susie Nystrom-TGC Co-President, Bill Frank-TGC Treasurer, Bebe Frank-TGC Scholarship Committee Chair,  Hoah Fernandes, Elizabeth Boone, Amelia Bettencourt.

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McKayla Aiken

This brilliant young lady plans to attend U.C. Davis and is interested in taking skills she learned in our Valley to South America and Africa, through non-profit organizations.  McKayla would like to be able to implement her crop management skills.  Her dream is to someday have a Christmas tree farm, skills she also learned in her grandparents’ tree farm.  McKayla’s passion is sustainability in our cultivation.  She also has an outstanding record working with children through her church projects.  McKayla shined as a public speaker and with her leadership skills.  A True Gem!

Larynne Marie Holland 

This impressive college student wants to teach young people how to take care of our Valley.  Larynne wants to emphasize the need for appreciation of the “farm to plate” process of growing food.  Larynne also spear-headed a project at MJC which analyzed and succeeded in growing poinsettias of high quality.  The concern for the Valley and its well-being is shown in her volunteer work and dedication to many community activities.  Our former Hilmar High School graduate works almost full time and takes a full load at Modesto Junior College.  And now it’s graduation time and off to Fresno State!  Congratulations and Well Done, Larynne!


Roberto Lopez 

Roberto is a perfect example of why we have hope in the youth of today.  Son of Mexican immigrant parents, he learned the value of dedication, hard work, and the focus on the American Dream.  Roberto is an accomplished student, having learned English as a hard worker in our own Cyndi Sims’ classroom at Julien Elementary School.   He grew up in an environment of almond cultivation, horticulture, and FFA success.  He showed his leadership skills when he became FFA President.  Roberto is graduating from Oakdale High School and wants to go to MJC and then to Fresno State or Cal. Poly to study the effects of pesticides and other chemicals on our beloved Valley.  Way To Go, Roberto!

Amelia Bettencourt

Amelia grew up as a winner, a result of her hard work.  She was Sectional President for the ten local FFA chapters.  Amelia practiced teamwork as she collaborated at FFA Leadership Camp.  Along with her course work at Turlock High School, she had summer studies at Modesto City College for agriculture and the environment among other subjects.  Amelia’s development has been well-rounded, including volunteering to feed the needy at a local shelter.  She plans to attend either Cal Poly or UC Davis.  And once that degree work is completed, Amelia says

“…I plan to begin my career as a marketing analyst for an agricultural company.  More specifically, I am interested in being involved in the marketing of the food industry.  This interest stems from work done in high school involving agriculture’s role in food production, such as vegetable cultivation.  I am also pursuing this career field because of my natural math abilities and love for critical thinking.”  It is very rewarding that our club supports such a well-focused, dedicated student.

Elizabeth Boone

Elizabeth will be attending MJC to eventually become a florist and use her training in Agricultural Business.  She’ll be well-prepared for college due to her experience in her FFA chapter, where she judged vegetable crops, attended leadership conferences, and learned about cooperative marketing skills.  Elizabeth plans to continue to a four-year college and then pursue a Master’s in Ag Business.  “My career goal is to have the skills and knowledge to open my own business in the floral industry.  …when I joined Turlock High School’s ‘History and Art of Floral Design’ class, I really fell in love … with making floral arrangements, and just being able to work with flowers.”  Good luck, Elizabeth. You’re well on your way!

Jon Chapman

John grew up working in his folks’ dairy farm and also in the almond orchard.  Jon has a passion for creating and fixing things, as he explains, and has learned about leadership through the FFA.  He plans to attend Merced College and then Oklahoma State University.  The end result, Jon hopes, is to major in Agriculture Systems Management, with a minor in Agriculture Business.  Our Valley sure produces tough, hard-working young people!

Noah Fernandes

Noah plans to attend Cal Poly San Luis Obispo to major in Agricultural Systems Management.  In high school, he took pride in studying “…two different pathways, including Agricultural Mechanics and Agriscience,” wrote Noah.  He enjoyed Ag Business Leadership and Floral Art as well.  He worked in an almond orchard and tackled all sorts of issues regarding responsibility and tenacity.  A true example of the best of Turlock High School!

Logan Ladd

Logan wants to study STEM Agriculture at UC Berkeley.  He was “…baptized in the California dream and the heart of Ag production in the American West.”  Logan learned all sorts of skills on his grandfather’s farm and walnut groves.  He is bilingual in Spanish and excelled in FFA competitions, design, and construction.  Awarded first prize in the California State Fair as best in show, “…I decided that I wanted to not only design and develop products that help advance agricultural production and efficiency, but also create a sustainable future for the industry.  I want to do work that helps framers like my father and grandfather but doesn’t harm this beautiful valley and country in which we thrive.”  We have a beautiful future with students of this caliber!

Vicente Sanchez

Vicente plans to attend Fresno State University, after MJC.  He wants to be an Ag teacher.  His life of hard work on a horse ranch led him to say “Over the years I have learned many things, not just how to work but life lessons as well.  I have learned that nothing is just given to you and working hard is the key to being successful.”  Vicente enjoys rope braiding, hiking, and fishing.  His tenacity and dedication were portrayed in his work for Chatom 4H, where he showed meat goats. He feels great affinity to ranching, Ag Business, and teaching.  Our Turlock Garden Club is thrilled to support young people such as Vicente!

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